Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd

The UK’s market leading provider of telehealthcare products and services

Contact us

We can be contacted in a variety of ways – telephone, email, fax and letter.

Below is a list of useful numbers for specific departments. If the department you require is not listed, simply call 01977 661234 during office hours and our friendly receptionists will be only too happy to help.


Customer Satisfaction Centre

0844 415 2414 service@tunstall.co.uk

Telehealthcare Helpline

0844 855 1564 enquiries@tunstall.co.uk


01977 660479 sales@tunstall.co.uk


01977 660206 marketing@tunstall.co.uk

Telecare and PNC Training

Janette Baxter - 01977 660386

Andy Hart - 01977 660582 training@tunstall.co.uk

icp Training

David Broadbent - 01977 660278  

Telehealthcare Training Tool

01977 660370 enquiries@tunstall.co.uk

TORC website

01977 660370 enquiries@tunstall.co.uk

Tunstall Response

08458 565456 enquiries@tunstall.co.uk


If you have a more general enquiry, please use the link below to submit your enquiry online.